jordan decker

stoked to get on this vid, all the pov footy is mine :p

Day4 of the chill series

Day3 of the chill series

Day1 of the chill series

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Taco Time with… Jordan Decker! 

getting taco’d

What I'm rockn' with JD 

one hit on the coc hip just landing a bit deep

Tommy Pyatt got this shot of me a few years back at Turoa

Riding Camp of champs up on blackcomb glacier, Me and Mike are practicing some dubs. This is me trying a dub misty 9? into the airbag!

Seb Judge and I went cat skiing earlier this year with Powder Mountain was amazing, heres some POV footy done with a GoPro

Todd got this shot of me with a front3 off kong in the blackpark


I'm on Motherfucken transworld 

for the next few days click here and theres me doing a slash at broken river, shot by Todd Easterbrook! otherwise if its been past a few days and its gone you can also read the article that is linked, its written by Phil Erikson from NZsnowboard mag

Me slashing as Nev Lapwood from pulls a stale.

riding Whistler park spring 2012. 

by Todd Easterbrook

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